We are excited to announce a book signing on Friday, July 14th from 3-7pm with long-time friend and author Philip Smucker. Philip grew up with Liz and the two have been friends for over 40 years.  A fun fact: Liz hosted Philip in Middleburg while he interviewed, hunted and researched for this new book. So please join us for wine, cheese and conversation with Philip.

Philip, a fifth-great-grandnephew of George Washington, uses his background as a war correspondent, sports reporter, and amateur equestrian to weave an insightful tale based upon his own travels in the footsteps and hoofprints of Washington as a surveyor, sportsman, and field commander in his new book, Riding with George: Sportsmanship & Chivalry in the Making of America’s First President.

The book is for sale at Mystique Middleburg (112 W Washington Street | Middleburg, VA) and available on Amazon. 

Long before George Washington was a president or a general, he was a sportsman. His horseback riding abilities and prowess were legendary in his time, and he excelled in nearly every kind of action her performed, including dancing, throwing, fencing, fishing and even card playing. Using his talents to propel him into positions of leadership and influence, Washington eventually became the model of sportsmanship and manners for a new and highly competitive country.

Mount Vernon recently sat down with Philip to chat about the book in this exclusive interview.

“For all that is known about George Washington, Philip Smucker finds the untold story. Here is the muscular Washington, galloping through the Virginia woods, chasing after foxes, charging fearlessly through musket fire. Retracing his every move on horseback and exploring young George’s favorite haunts, Smucker brings to life the man as he was. A delightful tale.” —Tom Gjelten, NPR

You can learn more about Phillip Smucker and his book here.