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Follow the Arrows – Temple St. Clair Trunk Show

Continuing in our series of trunk shows, we are ecstatic to welcome Temple St. Clair to Mystique this Thursday, October 20th!

Temple St. Clair main photo


Temple St. Clair first began in Florence, Italy over 30 years ago working with the world’s finest goldsmiths.  Today, she is known in the jewelry industry for her high quality gemstones with one-of-a-kind pieces made from some of the rarest stones in the world – richly patterned Lightening Ridge Australian Black Opal, electric blue Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, Classic Colombian Emerald, fiery African Tsavorite, Mandarin Garnet, and the finest Royal Blue Moonstone.

Temple St. Clair lion

St. Clair necklace

St. Clair rings and earrings

Temple St. Clair classic amulet earrings

Temple St. Clair rings


St. Clair’s pieces are regularly featured for both fashion and artistry alike.  Her renowned collection of Haute Couture, Mythical Creatures from the Golden Menagerie, made its début at the Louvre Museum in Paris in January 2015.

Temple St. Clair rings

Temple St. Clair amore charm necklace

Temple St. Clair ring

St. Clair earrings

St. Clair ring


If you could classify St. Clair’s jewelry into a “signature” look, it would be unique, colorful gemstones accented by the finest gold.  With an artist’s eye and explorer’s heart, St. Clair fashions rare colored gems with distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos.

St. Clair rings

St. Clair pendent

Temple St. Clair pendent


Temple St. Clair was awarded the 2016 GEM Award for Jewelry Design earlier this year, which recognizes those whose “work raises the visibility and status of fine jewelry and watches.”  We are just thrilled to be bringing such an amazing designer to our Mystique clients.

St. Clair turtle rings

Temple St. Clair necklace

St. Clair rings

Mystique fall trunk show schedule

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