Jewelry Services

Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear, so we suggest you have your jewelry checked at least annually by our professional jeweler. When jewelry repair needs arise, please read below so you will understand the jewelry repair process and know what to expect at Mystique to get the best service.


It Starts with Trust & Expertise

At Mystique Jewelers we build your confidence with our skill of our jeweler and staff. Our master goldsmith on-site has been in the business for over 25 years’ and with Mystique Jewelers for 17 years. Our educated staff have been in the jewelry business for over 50 years combined experience in diamonds, gemstones, jewelry repair and custom design.



Jewelry Ring Repair & Sizing

We work on the premises in Old Town Alexandria VA both as a jewelry maker and repair center.  We specialize in jewelry repair such as engagement rings, custom rings, white/yellow gold and platinum rings.

Jewelry Appraisal

We inspect and appraise your jewelry whether an estate collection, custom jewelry, ring, bracelet, beads, or necklace. We help you have a valid legal appraisal for your insurance company, estate purposes or for selling your jewelery.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Polishing and cleaning your jewelry is something you should do to keep your jewelry collection shining and beautiful. We offer various buffing and polishing techniques for getting the best shine out of your jewelry pieces.

Necklace  & Bracelet Repair

We work on the premises in Old Town Alexandria VA repairing your beautiful custom jewelery and necklaces. Don’t leave your broken necklace in the drawer, bring it in and let us fix it, polish it and bring it to life. As a Jewelry repair experts, we welcome you to stop by for a jewelry repair and redo.

Stone Matching & Setting Stones

Our jewelers can replace the stones in any setting — solitaires, three-stone rings, multi-stone rings, channel settings, bezel settings or pavé. We also set loose gemstones in mountings, such as, Diamonds, precious stones, colored stones or semi-precious stones.

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Our professional staff is the best in the business and they have been mastering pearl restringing  and jewelry repair most of their lives. They are master beaders that find genuine satisfaction in completing a beautiful necklace

Watch Repair

We offer a customer service of watch repair by our independent contractor master watch technician to handle everything from routine polishes to custom restorations.

Jewelry Engraving

We specialize in jewelry engraving and offer a special service of customizing hand or machine engraving on gold, silver, platinum jewelry.

Jewelry Prong Repair

We specialize in jewelry prong repair of rings prongs issues like raised prongs, thing prongs or broken prongs.


Fine jewelry is made from some very durable materials: metals and gemstones. We think of metals as very strong. Metal is what skyscrapers and bridges are made from. We can’t bend or even scratch most metals without the help of tools. Gemstones are rocks which we think of as hard and unbreakable. Diamonds are used in industrial tools to cut through even the toughest materials. So, why would something made from such strong substances need regular maintenance?

The answer is twofold. First, the metals and gemstones in jewelry are not always as impervious as we imagine. Gold, platinum, and silver are very soft as metals go. In fact, a large part of what makes them perfect for jewelry is how soft and workable they are. The result of this, however, is that the daily wear and tear we put on our jewelry takes more of a toll than we think. Also, not all gemstones are as hard as diamonds. Gems like opal, emerald, pearls, and more are very “soft” on the hardness scale. This means that they are susceptible to small scratches and abrasions which make them look worn over time. Of course, no gemstone is unbreakable, and even diamonds can be broken if they are hit at the wrong angle.

The second reason jewelry needs regular maintenance is that we are often a lot harder on our jewelry than we realize. Even a relatively light impact at the wrong place can knock a small stone out of its setting. Activities like gardening and washing dishes are particularly hard on jewelry. The simple sliding of a pendant along its chain can eventually wear completely through the bail. Even something as simple as hand lotion can build up in the small crevasses in rings causing the gems to lose some of their sparkle.

These are things you may not realize can be hard on your jewelry.

Does your jewelry need some TLC? Mystique offers a complimentary jewelry inspection service. Let our trained designers, diamond experts, gemologists and master goldsmith examine your jewelry to see if any repairs are needed.